Here you will find some common asked questions, please if you feel that these didn’t help you don’t be afraid to ask our customer service team for help.

How do I install this properly?

Here is a video on how to correctly install your screen protector properly.

So I tried to put it on myself and it still didn't go on right? What do I do?

No worries, Since you bought the product from us you are covered under the lifetime warranty.
You can email us at, please provide first and last name, shipping address, contact number, copy of receipt and short description of the trouble you had. We will reach out to you and figured out the best way to go forward.

What is your shipping times like?

Once your order is receive by us you will get an email confirmation. We will then provide a tracking number once it leaves our warehouse. Standard shipping is roughly about 4 days anywhere in the United States. All UFC products are shipped from Des Moines, Iowa.
Now we do only currently ship inside the united states, we will be doing international shipping in the near future, so please stay in touch for updates.

How do I file a claim for my warranty?

Currently we are working on getting the correct setup done to the site, if you have any warranty claims you would like to file please email them to please include your information like first and last name, your address, copy of receipt or order number if purchased from our site, and product item name. You will send this to us, we will reply back with a link to pay using credit card or PayPal for the shipping charges. Once received we will fill the order and get it sent out standard shipping via USPS.

How long after I buy does it take to ship?

It usually takes 1-2 business days to prepare orders for shipping. We will email you once an order has been shipped.

What if I didn't get my order?

If for any reason it doesn't make it, please reach out immediately so we can attempt to locate your package, based on what we find if need be we can issue a replacement.

How do I remove bubbles?

These are fairly easy to remove. They can be easily removed with the microfiber cloth. However bubbles caused by lint or other things in the air take a little bit of work.
slowly peel back the screen and use a clean paster to pull dust from the back side of the screen


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