A Little about our founders

Changming Lin

Hey, I’m Chang, I’m the founder of United Foreign Connections our motto is “We can make it happen!”
I came to the United States as youngster I lived in the State for about 23 yrs and now I’m back in China.

After moving back home to china and I now have an understanding from the states about trust issues when dealing with off shore suppliers/manufactures., I also understand the difference in cultures that usually can cause issues between manufactures and buyers, With this being said I’ve seen the way that competitors scam each other to compete for buyers but destroy the quality of product while doing it. The saying “You Get What You Pay For!” is true to this.

Over here in china there are so many copy cats, you never know who’s real or fake, so having a reliable source in china takes the stress off finding the needle in a haystack, plus with the proper connections is key to getting quality products for fair prices. With my connections to manufactures, I’m already doing the leg work to get you the best prices and quality products so you don’t have to try and do it yourself.

Ben Talarico

I’m Ben, I’m the co-founder of United Foreign Connections, after Chang came up with the idea I loved it so much I wanted to be apart of it. Technology is making it easier for people to do what they want business wise. We are using the Technology to give anyone the ability to buy for cheaper prices or get at wholesale prices to help start their own brands. I love seeing customers faces when they find out what they dreamed of is actually obtainable and we are help them get there…

United Foreign Connections-  UFC was built with the consumer in mind. If you are just looking to buy an item for yourself or if you are looking to get whole sale prices for resale we at UFC strive to be your best connection to your future hot selling item. We work with manufactures to help you get the best prices while building your brand. So look no further and let us help you start growing your business today, and if you aren’t ready to build a brand and just looking to buy for personal use no worries we got your covered. If we don’t have it we can find it.